Pigment Carbon Blacks

Using Carbon Black for pigment purposes, is a technique that has been used by humans since the early civilizations. Initially, carbon black was only used to color inks, but this technique has been further developed to this day. Specifically with colors, it is very important to reach the exact shade of black. In many applications Carbon Black is used as a black pigment, to achieve a spectrum ranging from gray to deep black.

With the modification of different carbon black properties it is possible to reach specific required properties for the final product like tinting strength, blackness, viscosity, shade, UV-resistance and dispersability.

The majority of pigment carbon blacks are produced in the furnance carbon black process, as this production process allows the biggest possibilities to vary the 3 main properties of carbon black: primary particle size, surface area and the structure of carbon black tailored to the desired application. New ink, coating and polymer formulations continously increase the performance requirements of Carbon blacks.

Lamp black is also popular due to ist bluish undertone The bluish undertone is very popular in the production of a black or gray color, because of the many-faceted variations that result from it. Pigment carbon blacks are usually grouped with the inorganic pigments.

Different pigment carbon black applications show different requirements in carbon black properties. Please contact us regarding your individual use and requirements, so we can recommend you the most fitting pigment carbon black grade.