REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances) is an EU regulation to reform the European legislation on chemicals. This regulation has been applicable since 1 January 2007 as direct law in each EU member state and took effect on 1 June 2007. Its target is to spread information on the potential dangers and risks caused by chemicals. Companies now have to assume a greater responsibility in ensuring safe handling of their products.

Negative effects of the production and use of chemicals on man and the environment are to be kept to a minimum. The REACH regulation covers the obligations of producers, importers and downstream users of such chemicals in pure form or in mixtures and as ingredients in final products.

We will make sure that either PENTACARBON GmbH or the manufacturers of products we distribute will make the preregistration. Preregistration will start in June 2008. By 1 December 2008 a registration number will be assigned by the chemicals agency. By 1 January 2009 this agency will publish a list of preregistered materials stating their names, EINECS and CAS numbers as well as other identification codes and deadlines for registration.

After the 6-month preregistration phase there will be a transition period with the following schedule:

Quantity of material > 1 t/a: registration by 01.06.2018
Quantity of material > 100 t/a: registration by 01.06.2013
Quantity of material > 1000 t/a*: registration by 01.12.2010
*: + CMRs > 1 t/a + N(R50-53) > 100 t/a

We are convinced of a stable delivery situation for all products in PENTACARBON GmbH’s portfolio even after 2013.