Special Carbon Blacks

Special Carbon Blacks are required in several applications, like plastics, inks, fibers, sealants and construction materials. They are responsible for performance, UV-protection, conductivity and color shade.
Please be aware that some grades of carbon black are available only in powder form, some in beaded form and also some grades in both forms.

Conductive Carbon Black

Conductive Carbon Blacks are the most reliable and cost-efficient choice for producing conductive compounds. The conductivity efficiency of carbon blacks is related to primary particle size, structure and porosity. Small particle size blacks have a high surface area and higher inter-aggregate attractive force.
Mainly responsible for the conductivity are the carbon black properties like structure and surface. But also the processing technology and mixing take a significant influence.
To create conductive network, the chains of aggregates and agglomerate should built a network. In low pigment volume concentrations, This is fulfilled when the carbon black has high structures.
Conductivity is also related to the surface properties. In case of conductive carbon blacks with small surface areas, there is a good correlation between the conductivity and the graphitic constitution.

Our portfolio includes semi-conductive, conductive and super-conductive carbon black grades.

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Gas Carbon Black

High purity Carbon Black made from the thermal decomposition of acethylene gas. Typical applications: batteries, cables, paints, conductive compounds, etc.
Typical for these Carbon Blacks are the acidic reaction in suspension with water. Additionally oxidative post treatment increases the acidic surface groups.

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Lamp Black

The lamp black process is the oldest industrial process of pigment manufacturing. Typical characteristics for lamp black are low surface in combination with substantial structure (aggregation of particles) and a broad particle distribution. Typical particle sizes are between 60 nm and 200 nm. This kind of carbon black is used in paint, plastics and several special applications. It provides good dispersability due to a high structure and unique coloristic values.

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Low PAH Carbon Black

Carbon Blacks with low levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. According to different market regulations some applications (household, tools, inks, plastics and selected rubber parts) require a limited concentration of PAH.
We are able to provide grades according to EU Regulation 10/ 2011 and the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard.

Benzo(a)pyrene (B(a)P) < 0.25 mg/kg
Toluene extractable fraction < 0.1 %
UV-Absorption of the Cyclohexane extract U at 386 nm < 0.02

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Pigment Carbon Black 

Carbon Blacks used as a pigment in many applications. By the modification of different carbon black properties it is possible to reach required properties for the final product like tinting strength, viscosity, shade, UV-resistance and dipersability.

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Fiber Carbon Black 

In fibers, Carbon Black is mainly responsible for coloring and UV-resistance.
For good spinning properties carbon black grades with special micro dispersability are required.

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Thermal Carbon Black

Thermal black is the type of Gas Black with the largest particle size in combination with the lowest surface and structure.
Due to the fact that natural gas is the feedstock for thermal black, it is a very pure carbon black.
Unique properties provide benefits in several applications like rubber, plastic, metallurgy and other special applications.

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Taylor Made Solutions

If you have special requirements for Carbon Black, please contact us. Depending on the manufacturing process and the required product properties, we can produce custom-made Carbon Black grades as well as support you with our technical know-how.

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FDA Carbon Black

Carbon Black grades according to FDA requirements.

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