Carbon Black N-991

This is the powder version on thermal Carbon Black N-990. In case of some applications a powder version of thermal Carbon Black offers additional benefits. For example the mixing oft the powder requires less efforts and energy because there are no beads to be destroyed.


Iodine adsorption number [g/kg]9±3ASTM D 1510
Oil absorption number [cm3/100g]42±5ASTM D 2414
pH-value7-11ASTM D 1512
Heating loss at 125°C [%], max.0.4ASTM D 1509
Ash content [%], max.0.2ASTM D 1506
Sieve residue: 0.045 [%], max.0.08ASTM D 1514

Note: The above-mentioned values do not constitute a specification or certification for a particular shipment,
but merely represent values, based on analysis of spot samples from previous productions.

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