What do we have to expect for Car­bon Black avai­la­bi­li­ty and pri­ces in 2018?

If we see cur­rent trends in Chi­na, with big­ger focus on envi­ron­ment, we have to ask our­sel­ves, if this may impact the avai­la­bi­li­ty and pri­ce of Car­bon Black in Europe.

Due to the shut­down of seve­ral fac­to­ries in Chi­na, espe­ci­al­ly coke che­mi­cal plants, the­re is a big shift in the demand and sup­p­ly of coke che­mi­cal Car­bon Black feedstock, like anthr­a­ce­ne oil.

When coal is pro­ces­sed into coke, for steel pro­duc­tion, the­re is also pro­duc­tion of coal tar.
Coal tar its­elf can be pro­ces­sed into pitch, which is an obli­ga­to­ry raw mate­ri­al for alu­mi­ni­um pro­duc­tion, and dif­fe­rent oil frac­tions like for exam­p­le anthr­a­ce­ne oil.

Anthr­a­ce­ne oil is used as Car­bon Black feedstock, due to reason of good BMCI.

The BMCI (Bureau of Mines Cor­re­la­ti­on Index) is a num­ber cor­re­la­ted with the aro­ma­ti­ci­ty of the feedstock.

So due to the good and neces­sa­ry moves in Chi­na, the­re is a lack of Car­bon Black feedstock, which may influence avai­la­bi­li­ty and pri­cing in the next year.


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