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Our delivery programme comprises over 200 carbon black types.
These can be divided into two categories.
On the one hand, our portfolio covers the classic rubber carbon blacks, the so-called N-types. On the other hand, our product range includes special carbon blacks. These so-called P-types are needed for applications with special technical requirements.

We offer products with the highest standard. Please find here information about our quality policy.

In our WIKI you will also find extensive information about Carbon Black.

Rubber Carbon Blacks

Carbon black has unique properties that are in demand in many sectors. Companies that need them usually operate in a tough market environment. To survive here in the long term, you need a professional innovative supplier on your side who can open up competitive advantages to help you stand out from the competition in local, regional and global markets. Rubber is the largest application area for industrial carbon blacks. Especially the properties as reinforcing filler, abrasion resistance and UV resistance are essential.

The standard grades can be differentiated as follows:

  • High-reinforcing carbon blacks of the 100, 200 and 300 series, according to ASTM D standard.
  • Medium-amplification carbon blacks of the 500, 600 and 700 series, according to ASTM D standard.
  • Thermal carbon black, non-active carbon black of the 900 series, according to ASTM D standard.

These grades are mainly used in tyres and rubber articles.

N-Series – Standard rubber carbon blacks

N-115 N-220 N-326 N-539 N-650 N-762 N-990
N-121 N-234 N-330 N-550 N-660 N-772 N-990 UP
N-299 N-339 N-774 N-991
N-347 N-991 UP

High purity rubber carbon blacks for technical rubber articles

N-115 Clean N-220 Clean N-326 Clean N-539 Clean N-650 Clean N-762 Clean N-990 Clean
N-121 Clean N-234 Clean N-330 Clean N-550 Clean N-660 Clean N-772 Clean N-990 UP Clean
N-299 Clean N-339 Clean N-774 Clean N-991 Clean
N-347 Clean N-991 UP Clean
N-375 Clean P-SPH 5

Special Carbon Black

Special carbon blacks are required in various applications such as plastics, printing inks, fibres, seals and construction applications. Here they are largely responsible for performance UV protection, conductivity and colouristics.

Please note that some industrial carbon blacks are only available in powder form, some in beaded form and some in both forms.

Conductive carbon black

The use of conductive carbon blacks is the most reliable and cost-effective choice for the production of conductive compounds. Our portfolio includes semi-conductive, conductive and super-conductive carbon blacks.

Gas black

Gas blacks are particularly clean industrial carbon blacks produced by the cracking of acetylene gas. Typically used in batteries, paints, cables and conductive compounds.

Flame black

Flame blacks are used in paints, plastics and various special applications. Due to their high structural values, these types of carbon black are particularly easy to disperse and have unique colour characteristics.

Industrial carbon black with low levels of PAH

Industrial carbon black with low levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. According to various market regulations, some applications (household goods, tools, inks, plastics and selected rubber articles) require a limited concentration of PAHs. Our portfolio includes various industrial carbon blacks which comply with the regulations EC 10/2011, Oekotex 100 Standard and FDA 21 CFR 178.3297.

Pigment carbon black

Industrial carbon black is used in many applications as pigment carbon black. By modifying various carbon black properties, it is possible to achieve different properties of the end product such as colour strength, viscosity, colour shade, UV resistance and dispersibility.

Industrial carbon black for fibres

A fibre carbon black is mainly responsible for colour and UV resistance.
Industrial carbon blacks with special micro-dispersibility are required for good spinning properties.

Thermal carbon black

Thermal blacks are gas blacks with the largest particle size combined with the lowest surface area and structure. Due to the fact that natural gas is the raw material for thermal carbon black, it is a very pure carbon black.

Customised industrial carbon blacks

If you have special requirements for industrial carbon black, please contact us. Depending on the manufacturing process and the required product properties, we can produce customised industrial carbon blacks.

Alternative qualities and substitute products

Our product portfolio includes high-quality alternatives to the industrial carbon blacks of the well-known global manufacturers. Please contact us for individual technical advice or product recommendation.

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