2019 is expec­ted to be a dyna­mic and high com­pe­ti­ti­ve year full of both chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties. Pen­ta­Car­bon GmbH is loo­king for­ward to exten­ding suc­cessful part­ner­ships with its’ customers.

Due to the fluc­tua­ti­on of feedstock pri­ces and new regu­la­ti­ons like IMO, which rules the reduc­tion of sulp­hur emis­si­ons, the Car­bon Black indus­try is facing chal­lenges ahead.

Glo­bal demand for car­bon black is expec­ted to rise dyna­mi­cal­ly until 2019, accor­ding to a new mar­ket stu­dy from Ceres­a­na© Rese­arch (1). By 2022, its volu­me is expec­ted to rise to more than 15 mil­li­on ton­nes. On the other hand, howe­ver, big play­ers like Cabot Cor­po­ra­ti­on© (2) fore­see a wea­k­er auto­mo­ti­ve demand due to a wea­k­er invi­ron­ment in China.

Addi­tio­nal­ly, the Ther­mal Car­bon Black mar­ket shows oppor­tu­nies, as big pro­du­cers like f.e. CANCARB® (3) announ­ce the expan­si­on of its Ther­max® (3) Car­bon Black pro­duc­tion capa­ci­ty due to gro­wing demand.

Ther­mal Car­bon Black is the type of Gas Black with the lar­gest par­tic­le size in com­bi­na­ti­on with the lowest sur­face and struc­tu­re. Due to the fact that natu­ral gas is the feedstock for Ther­mal Black, it is a very pure Car­bon Black. Uni­que pro­per­ties pro­vi­de bene­fits in appli­ca­ti­ons like rub­ber, pla­s­tic, metall­ur­gy and other spe­cial appli­ca­ti­ons. Very often, it is refer­red to as medi­um Ther­mal Car­bon Black.

Pen­ta­Car­bons’ port­fo­lio includes 6 dif­fe­rent Ther­mal Car­bon Blacks:

- Car­bon Black N-990 in bea­ded ver­si­on with soft pel­let hard­ness for easy dispersion

- Car­bon Black N-991 in pow­der ver­si­on, for the use in low shear mixing systems

- Ther­mal Car­bon Black series in fluffy and bea­ded form with low hydro­car­bon content

- Ultra Pure ver­si­ons of Car­bon Black N-990 and N-991 with extra high purity

For any ques­ti­ons or inqui­ries, plea­se feel free to cont­act us.


1 Source © 2019 Ceresana
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