2019 is expected to be a dynamic and high competitive year full of both challenges and opportunities. PentaCarbon GmbH is looking forward to extending successful partnerships with its’ customers.

Due to the fluctuation of feedstock prices and new regulations like IMO, which rules the reduction of sulphur emissions, the Carbon Black industry is facing challenges ahead.

Global demand for carbon black is expected to rise dynamically until 2019, according to a new market study from Ceresana© Research (1). By 2022, its volume is expected to rise to more than 15 million tonnes. On the other hand, however, big players like Cabot Corporation© (2) foresee a weaker automotive demand due to a weaker invironment in China.

Additionally, the Thermal Carbon Black market shows opportunies, as big producers like f.e. CANCARB® (3) announce the expansion of its Thermax® (3) Carbon Black production capacity due to growing demand.

Thermal Carbon Black is the type of Gas Black with the largest particle size in combination with the lowest surface and structure. Due to the fact that natural gas is the feedstock for Thermal Black, it is a very pure Carbon Black. Unique properties provide benefits in applications like rubber, plastic, metallurgy and other special applications. Very often, it is referred to as medium Thermal Carbon Black.

PentaCarbons’ portfolio includes 6 different Thermal Carbon Blacks:

– Carbon Black N-990 in beaded version with soft pellet hardness for easy dispersion

– Carbon Black N-991 in powder version, for the use in low shear mixing systems

– Thermal Carbon Black series in fluffy and beaded form with low hydrocarbon content

– Ultra Pure versions of Carbon Black N-990 and N-991 with extra high purity

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1 Source © 2019 Ceresana
2 Source European Rubber Journal, Edition 12.02.2019
3 Trademark of Cancarb Limited, Source Rubber & Plastics News, Edition 13.12.2018

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