The Carbon Black Supply Chain is facing massive changes starting July 1st 2024

The European Union’s sanctions against Russia, in response to the conflict in Ukraine, will result in an import ban of Russian Carbon Black effective July 1, 2024.

Effective June 30th 2024, PentaCarbon GmbH will stop importing Carbon Black from Russia.

The significant disruption to the Carbon Black market will be challenging to make up for, as approximately 40 percent of Europe’s total Carbon Black capacity comes from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The import ban may result in global market shortages, and as a result, prices for importing countries are expected to rise, impacting the overall European & global market.

Suppliers and customers will be forced to seek alternatives. The changing market will force companies to review their supply chain strategy more deeply, in each dimension, and forecast demands in close collaboration with the supplier, due to much longer lead times.

PentaCarbon GmbH has extended her portfolio with non-Russian alternatives and despite all the challenging aspects, PentaCarbon GmbH is positively looking forward extending successful partnerships with its’ customers.

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