Industrially manufactured Carbon black is produced by pyrolysis of hydrocarbons at high temperatures under controlled process conditions. Due to the production process, traces of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) exist, which are bonded to the surface.

Carbon black is a substantial component of most rubber goods and plastic applications, playing an important role in the performance properties to the final product.

Various regulations stipulate the limitation of PAHs in products and the environment. Legislative bodies around the world are calling for lower levels of PAHs in consumer articles such as sporting equipment, household items, tools, clothing, footwear, accessories, toys and childcare items. In addition, regulations are in place to restrict the PAH content for carbon blacks used in rubber parts that come into contact with food and drinking water.

In response to market requirements, PentaCarbon GmbH offers high performance blacks which comply to low PAH limits and FDA requirements, but also meet stringent performance requirements for the final product. The grades are well suited for the production of consumer goods, food contact materials and for piping and gaskets used for drinking water.

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