With all decisions and actions, PentaCarbon GmbH takes environmental protection into consideration. Our aim is to protect the environment and the natural livelihood of present and future generations.

We commit ourselves to comply with all legal regulations and official requirements for environmental protection.

Responsible and economical handling of energy, water and raw materials is a central concern for PentaCarbon GmbH. The prevention, reduction and recycling of waste takes precedence over disposal.

Environmental protection requires responsible employees at all levels, who are actively involved in the realization of these principles. We promote environmental awareness and responsibility of all employees and motivate them to actively protect the environment and to continuously improve the environmental performance.

When procuring our raw materials and consumables, we observe ecological criteria as far as reasonably practicable.

Within the framework of environmental responsibility, PentaCarbon GmbH aims to save bees from extinction. A population of bees resides at the PentaCarbon GmbH headquarters.

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PentaCarbon GmbH promotes an open dialogue on environmental protection with business partners and the general public, and welcomes suggestions for improvement.

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