Carbon Black N-550

Medium reinforcing Carbon Black with a higher structure in comparison to N-539. This material imparts a medium abrasion resistance, high strength, low shrinkage and it provides a high extrusions capacity.
It is predominantly used in tire carcasses, inner tubes, cable jacketing, gaskets and plastic compounds.


Iodine adsorption number [g/kg]43±5ASTM D 1510
Oil absorption number [cm3/100g]121±5ASTM D 2414
pH-value7-10ASTM D 1512
Heating loss at 125°C [%], max.1.0ASTM D 1509
Ash content [%], max.0.45ASTM D 1506
Sieve residue: 0.045 [%], max.0.02ASTM D 1514
Automated individual pellet crash strength10-50ASTM D 5230
Fines content, packing [%], max.8ASTM D 1508
Sulphur content [%], max.1.1ASTM D 1619
Pour density [kg/m3]360±30ASTM D 1513

Note: The above-mentioned values do not constitute a specification or certification for a particular shipment,
but merely represent values, based on analysis of spot samples from previous productions.

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