Just four months befo­re coming into force of the Inter­na­tio­nal Mari­ti­me Organization’s (IMO) new Sul­fur Emis­si­ons Regu­la­ti­on in ear­ly 2020, the­re is a pri­ce increase for Car­bon Black becau­se its pro­duc­tion is direct­ly lin­ked to mari­ne fuels. Their sul­fur con­tent should des­cend from cur­ren­ty 3.5 to 0.5 per­cent. The pri­ce of so-cal­­led car­bon black oil as a pri­ma­ry raw mate­ri­al for the pro­duc­tion of Car­bon Black is usual­ly deter­mi­ned in depen­dence of the hea­vy oils used in ship­ping. Types with redu­ced sul­fur con­tent are signi­fi­cant­ly more expen­si­ve, which also leads to surchar­ges on car­bon blacks.

As a result, the two major US pro­du­cers, Cabot (Bos­ton, Massachusetts/USA) and Ori­on Engi­nee­red Car­bons (Senningerberg/Luxembourg), announ­ced sub­stan­ti­al raw mate­ri­al surchar­ges of $0.07-$0.08/lbs start­ing the begin­ning of Sep­tem­ber 2019, respec­tively, bet­ween $140 and $160 EUR/mt) for Spe­cial Car­bon Blacks used in pla­s­tics. The­se should also have an effect on the Euro­pean market.

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