Last week, our col­le­agues from Ukrai­ne and Pol­and visi­ted us in Hal­tern am See, Germany.

From Octo­ber 16th to 23rd, the K Trade Fair 2019 took place in Düs­sel­dorf, Ger­ma­ny. The world’s pre­mier fair for the pla­s­tics and rub­ber indus­try pre­sen­ted ever­y­thing the sec­tor has to offer.

Team Pen­ta­Car­bon atten­ded the trade show to con­nect with the indus­try and to gain valuable infor­ma­ti­on on mar­ket deve­lo­p­ments and to intro­du­ce the latest deve­lo­p­ments of her car­bon black portfolio.

Addi­tio­nal­ly, we spent time dis­cus­sing stra­te­gic ori­en­ta­ti­on & mar­ket deve­lo­p­ments, estab­li­shing our short- and long-term busi­ness stra­tegy and ela­bo­ra­ting valuable key fac­tors for pro­­duct- and ser­vice improvement.

As con­clu­si­on of a suc­cessful week, we par­ti­ci­pa­ted in a fasci­na­ting gui­ded tour at the coal mine indus­tri­al com­plex “Zoll­ver­ein” in Essen.

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