Conductive Carbon Black

Conductive Carbon Blacks are the most reliable and cost-efficient choice for producing conductive compounds. The conductivity efficiency of carbon blacks is related to primary particle size, structure and porosity. Small particle size blacks have a high surface area and higher inter-aggregate attractive force.

Mainly responsible for the conductivity are the carbon black properties like structure and surface. To create a conductive network, the chains of aggregates and agglomerate should built a network. In low pigment volume concentrations, this is fulfilled when the carbon black has a high structure. Higher structure allows the retention of a carbon network at low pigment volume concentrations. Therefore our grades offer unique properties like electrical and thermal conductivity. Nevertheless also other factors like the processing technology and mixing take a significant influence on the conductive efficiency of the compounds.

Conductivity is also related to the surface properties. In case of conductive carbon blacks with small surface areas, there is a good correlation between the conductivity and the graphitic constitution.

PentaCarbons conductive Carbon Blacks are suitable for antistatic and conductive applications. Our portfolio includes low conductive, semi-conductive, conductive and super-conductive carbon black grades.

Typical user applications are: conductive rubber, wire and cable, conductive coatings and conductive plastics.

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