We can pro­vi­de our car­bon blacks in various forms of pack­a­ging accor­ding to your wishes:

Small con­tai­ners accor­ding to cus­to­mer requirements
Paper bags
Poly­ethy­le­ne bags
EVA bags
Big-Bags of dif­fe­rent sizes, spe­cial shapes type C
Flow Bins
Silo truck
Goods train

Packaging 1

Pig­ment soot in paper bags

Packaging 2

Con­duc­ti­ve indus­tri­al car­bon black in big bags

Packaging 3

Fla­me soot in paper bags

Packaging 4

Ther­mal soot in big bags

Packaging 5

Loa­ding the truck from the side

Packaging 6

Loa­ding the truck via the ramp