Rubber Carbon Blacks

Rubber is the biggest application for Carbon Black. It is used as a reinforcing filler, to provide high resistance to abrasion and UV-stability.

We can divide standard Carbon Blacks by:

  • High-reinforcing Carbon Blacks identified by ASTM-D by 100-, 200- and 300-series
  • Semi-reinforcing Carbon Blacks identified by ASTM-D by 500-, 600- and 700-series
  • Thermal/Non-active Carbon Blacks identified by 900-series

The main application for these grades are tires- and rubber materials.

N-Series – Standard Rubber Carbon Blacks

High Clean Rubber Carbon Black Grades for mechanical rubber goods

High purity Carbon Black grades with low sieve residues for the manufacturing of mechanical rubber goods in the automotive industry, like hoses and automotive weather strips. Clean Carbon Blacks provide excellent extrusion properties, good processabillity and smooth surfaces to the final product.

We are able to provide analogs to the N-Series with maximum sieve residue of 10 ppm.

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