Carbon Black N-375

This Car­bon Black shows a lower struc­tu­re then N-347 and N-339. It pro­vi­des good pro­ces­sing cha­rac­te­ristics and per­mits the usa­ge of high oil loa­ding with low die swell. Fur­ther­mo­re it impro­ves hys­te­re­sis pro­per­ties, dura­bi­li­ty and ten­si­le strength.
This mate­ri­al finds appli­ca­ti­on in tire treads, con­vey­or belts, and mecha­ni­cal rub­ber goods.


Iod­i­ne adsorp­ti­on num­ber [g/kg] 90±5 ASTM D 1510
Oil absorp­ti­on num­ber [cm3/100g] 114±5 ASTM D 2414
pH-value 7-10 ASTM D 1512
Hea­ting loss at 125°C [%], max. 1.0 ASTM D 1509
Ash con­tent [%], max. 0.45 ASTM D 1506
Sie­ve resi­due: 0.045 [%], max. 0.02 ASTM D 1514
Auto­ma­ted indi­vi­du­al pel­let crash strength 10-50 ASTM D 5230
Fines con­tent, pack­ing [%], max. 8 ASTM D 1508
Sulp­hur con­tent [%], max. 1.1 ASTM D 1619
Pour den­si­ty [kg/m3] 360±30 ASTM D 1513

Note: The abo­ve-men­tio­ned values do not con­sti­tu­te a spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on or cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on for a par­ti­cu­lar shipment,
but mere­ly repre­sent values, based on ana­ly­sis of spot samples from pre­vious productions.

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