A few months after our reflection of the Carbon Black Market for 2017, we reflect once more the ongoing trend in 2018.

Prices for Carbon Black are still deeply influenced by the continuously increasing oil price and dollar exchange rate.

Different institutes and stakeholders in the market, also indicate the ongoing trend in 2018.

The British Coating Federation published the following reflection of 2017 and forecast for 2018 of the Brent Crude Oil Price on January 19th 2018:

„In terms of the outlook for 2018, the average forecast for oil prices is for a 6% increase in Brent Spot prices over the coming year but already this month the daily price has touched $69 per barrel (compared with an average of $63 in November 2017) with latest futures prices suggesting the increase for 2018 could be well over 10% or more“.

To review the complete article, please click the following link: Raw material prices add to pressure of profitability

After January 2018, the oil price continuously increased.

The Carbon Black market trends in 2018 1

Development of oil price in 2018

Source: Brent Crude Oil Price, ariva.de (17.05.2018)

Based on these market changes, stakeholders like e.g. Orion have officially announced price increases.

For more information, please see the article: Orion to increase prices for rubber carbon black

Due to the closure of many factories in China caused by environmental regulations, the demand for both, Carbon Black and for feedstock used to produce Carbon Black has risen, which currently influences availability and pricing in the market.

Carbon Black shortage also leads to shutdowns of several tyre plants in Asia.

Please find the article as follows: Carbon Black shortage leading to tyre plants shutdow.

What do we expect in the next quarter for Carbon Black prices?

We expect further increasing of Carbon Black prices for the 3rd quarter of 2018.
Although the dynamic changes in the market are a big challenge for all players, the PentaCarbon GmbH extends successful partnerships with its customers.
We are eager to learn if the minor higher demand for Carbon Black will remain during the summer. As usual, time will show.

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