Accor­ding to a cur­rent mar­ket rese­arch (link) an increase of the glo­bal demand for Car­bon Black is expec­ted for the next years. The con­clu­si­on of the stu­dy is that by 2025 the world­wi­de usa­ge of Car­bon Black will be more than 15 mil­li­on metric ton­nes. With 62% of the glo­bal­ly used Car­bon Black, the Asi­an-Paci­­fic regi­on is in first place. North Ame­ri­ca is pla­ced second and West Euro­pe on a clo­se third.
Within the next seven years, the Asi­an-Paci­­fic demand may even rise to 65%, which can be tra­ced back to incre­asing demand and growth in Chi­na as well as in India.

In order to meet the upco­ming demand, the Asi­an-Paci­­fic regi­on will increase their capa­ci­ty by more than 1.5 mil­li­on metric ton­nes, pro­du­ced most­ly in Chi­na and India. By doing so, the regi­on will sup­p­ly two-thirds or 10 mil­li­on metric ton­nes of the world­wi­de Car­bon Black by 2025. With that amount they are on the fore­front with North Ame­ri­ca on the second place and East Euro­pe comes in third in terms of Car­bon Black supply.

With dif­fe­rent appli­ca­ti­ons in seve­ral indus­tries like con­s­truc­tion, che­mi­cal indus­try, engi­nee­ring or elec­tri­cal and elec­tro­nic indus­try, Car­bon Black is used among others for con­vey­or belts, roll cove­ring, hosepipes and fle­xi­ble tubes, pro­files, seal­ing gas­kets, cables, moul­ded parts or roof mem­bra­ne. The lar­gest usa­ge of Car­bon Black with 9 mil­li­on metric ton­nes in 2017 is for the tire indus­try. In addi­ti­on to this, Car­bon Black is also used for paint, var­nish, and pla­s­tics as a black pig­ment.

Pen­ta­Car­bon as a glo­bal sup­pli­er for Car­bon Black offers more than 200 gra­des for seve­ral appli­ca­ti­ons. If you have any demands or requests, our sales team is loo­king for­ward to hea­ring from you.

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