Based on the German Tax Simplification Act, it has been permitted to send invoices electronically since 2011.

In order to meet our customers’ wishes, PentaCarbon GmbH naturally offers the delivery of the invoice in PDF format by e-mail.

The advantages of sending invoices electronically are also for you:

FAST – You will receive the invoice immediately after the goods have been dispatched, so there will be no time delays or loss of invoices.

UNIQUE – The transmission takes place as a PDF attachment with one invoice per e-mail and a unique designation, which fulfills the legal requirements of § 14 UStG.

DESTINED – The invoice goes directly to the responsible office. Sorting as well as forwarding of paper mail is no longer necessary within your company.

EFFICIENT – The processing effort is reduced by fast forwarding to other involved departments as well as the simple archiving of the documents.

SUSTAINABLE – The reduction of printouts as well as the transport of paper mail not least protects our environment and contributes to the sustainable use of our resources.

If you would like to receive our invoices electronically in the future, please fill out the following form and send it to:

Or simply contact us by telephone:

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